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Supanova II

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Mistress Linda

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Considerations when making an enquiry

Make sure you agree and confirm the price you are paying for your trip.
What about car parking and pick-up points.
What is the deposit amount to reserve a charter or place and how and when should that be paid?
Is the skipper fully licensed by the MCA?
Are the insurance and safety equipment all in date and can they be inspected by you if required?
What is the general itinerary for the day - departure time, return time etc.
If you're a novice angler, will the skipper or crew give guidance and help for inexperienced or first-time anglers prior to setting out and during the day?
What is the cancellation policy if there is inclement weather and what time the day before the trip can you call to see if its a go?
Are hot or cold drinks provided.
What is the vessels policy on catch and return.