English Ports

Considerations when making an enquiry

  1.  Make sure you agree and confirm the price you are paying for your trip ?
  2.  What about car parking and pick-up points ?
  3.  What is the deposit amount to reserve a charter or an individual place and how and when should that be paid ?
  4.  Is the skipper fully licensed by the MCA ?
  5.  Are the insurance and safety equipment all in date and can they be inspected by you if required ?
  6.  What is the general itinerary for the day - departure time, return time etc ?
  7.  If you're a novice angler, will the skipper or crew give guidance for inexperienced or first-time anglers ?
  8.  What is the cancellation policy if there is inclement weather ?
  9.  What time on the day before the trip can you call to see if its a go ?
  10.  Are hot or cold drinks provided ?
  11.  What is the vessels policy on 'catch and release' ?